2013 the year the earth began its shift…I remember painting this piece, We were in a long tunnel somewhere under the Bay Area. We had walked through it half way walking in water up to our ankles. I had bucket paint, black and white, with rusto cans black with stock caps. The tunnel was very long. We could see couple of kids coming our way. We greeted them. If I’m correct it was Oracle and some other kids. They kept walking through the water and left. Elite started painting on the wall behind me. I chose this wall because the light shined a triangle shape. I loved the pyramid light shape. So I started to paint with the bucket paint freestyling the form using the light above me. Halfway through the piece I don’t know what go into me. I felt some energy and I started to get a real bad anxiety attack. It wasn’t being in the tunnel that caused it. But some energy in there caught me. Elite helped me by talking to me a bit. He’s a good brother. But still inside my thoughts something was intruding. I kept painting, but still feeling like something was in there causing this anxiety. I left for a minute outside and returned. I finished and ended up dedicating this piece to the ancestors. I had suffered from anxiety before when young but this one was different. Something was in that tunnel at that moment I felt, wether it sounds crazy or not that’s what I’ve always thought. That tunnel got cleaned and I think couple of people went down there to take pictures of this piece before they cleaned it. #rasterms #punksthugsandvandals #bayarea @ptvcrew @punksthugsandvandals #california #ancestralfuturism

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