There’s people that you meet that show you that there is a different type of connection going on than what is being told to us. A deep unseen written code that connects people together. I call it Grid. But it’s even beyond words. It’s almost Electrical. A code. And you meet these people, and our minds and places where we live might be different but our dna code, our cosmic code knows more. I meet those people a lot in my travels. And if you’re in tune, you feel the energies talking to you without words but deep connection is manifesting. Time is telling you that we are more than that time spent. the energy in us is eternal and that energy connects us with or without bodies eternally. I give thanks For the loving ones I meet and that eternal spark and connecting cord is there. A shout out to @eesh7o1 for her art lecture tonight in Milwaukee and for mentioning me. Iron sharpens iron.. Ogun sharpens Ogun eternally !! I’m grateful for those who we give to each other. There’s so many of you out there when the book is written you all will be included..UNIVERSAL ETERNAL ENERGY BOND!!#rasterms @eesh7o1 #milwaukee

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