Pisces : are the masters of duality and know it but don't know it. They are the shamans who try hard to adjust to the world as a self sacrifice for others, but are unsuccessful at hiding the fact that they are not from here, they are blessed to be crazy and abstract enhanced by their creative powers. They have glimpse into telling the future and they will say it, But People will think they are a little crazy and ignore it and so will the Pisces. As lovers it's hard for them to keep one person , not because they are promiscuous, but because they see the grand beauty and grand evil in everything. They are the sacrificers, the artist, the crazy geniuses. They are the real humans aliens either letting people know or hiding it. Pisces are the Gods of the universe but rather hide in the corner of the universe and give you the title God and help you along the way, hiding from way way in the back. Fuck with a Pisces and its like fucking with a real shaman witch creative genius that rather just chill.

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