People that don't do handstyles will never understand what's really going on within the artist doing it, many artist don't even know what's going on within themselves also when doing it. People just see it as tagging. Oh he's tagging, grow up! They don't feel the movement. The creativeness, the communication, the high self esteem value when constructing a new alphabet, the form, the mastering. It's like yoga. The stretching of the mind, with each letter going through a movement ending in a powerful pose. Being able to grab a word, it's letters and take it through mutation and it ending it with a powerful bang. We are so programed to see things as wrong so much, we are blind to things that really uplift. I love sitting for hours and practicing. It's pure meditation……been doing this since I was a child, it has helped me stay creative and see things different, but yall don't hear me tho!!!, I love teaching folks basic handstyles and see them evolve with it and see it all over the streets, saying look at me, look at my power, you didn't see me before, but now look at my pose, my structure, my creativity…#handstyles #handstyle #rasterms #rastermsptv #sevenurbanpoets #punksthugsvandals

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