7:77 number 7 ! This series I've continued until seven. " I will be doing an extra one turning to the number 0. That will be the last of the 7:77 series. This is how this series came about = I was talking to two of my friends recently and the word shaman kept coming up. Shamans don't make money, shamans are crazy, shamans don't listen to lil Uzi, shamans didn't go to Harvard. So what's the use of a shaman in 2017. This art I'm doing is a mixture of graff writing, shamanism, and also my personal emotions involved. I believe art is transforming. And to me a shaman is the embodiment of creativity. Not only shamans are, everyone is a body of creativity, but I'm starting to dig deeper into those who can express creativity not looking for anything but to be creative. The landscapes, the distant, the channeling strictly from an inner spirit. The art is transforming now. #jamesmonk

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